That’s What I Get for Lying to Myself: On Reaching the End of My Love for Kanye

I watched HBO’s Confirmation, the Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill biopic about the days leading up to Justice Thomas’ appointment to the Supreme Court . I have to admit that I wasn’t too familiar with the particulars before watching. My senior year of college, my mentor invited me to a legal conference for women of … More That’s What I Get for Lying to Myself: On Reaching the End of My Love for Kanye

Walk With Me

“We got a warning call eight years ago. Y’all remember?” Marcus asked the day before the funeral. He was referring to Daddy’s stroke. The summer after my first year of college, Daddy had a stroke that almost ended him. I had been home at my mother’s house for a couple of weeks. I hadn’t heard … More Walk With Me

On Belonging

You belong among the wildflowers. You belong in a boat, out at sea. You belong with your love on your arm. You belong somewhere you feel free.   There was a period in my adolescence when my dad got really motivated at work. He started working Saturdays at the car dealership, which meant there was … More On Belonging

Ease On

Home is a place we’ll all have to find, chile.  But it’s not just a place where you eat or sleep. Home is knowing, knowing your mind, knowing your heart, knowing your courage. If we know ourselves, we’re always home, anywhere. I was not created for cool. I realized this in a very physical way … More Ease On


I started working at Rite-Aid my senior year of high school. I had quit my job at the barbecue on a wave of tears because I was stressed out from carrying a full-course load, an almost full-time job at two locations, and the college search. At the encouragement of my best friend, I called the … More Wash.Rinse.Repeat