Torn Asunder

My brain and my body are estranged.

My brain fears the passion interred within the body;

It worries that the body will carry them both

To a place where the brain does not want to go

And keep it longer than it wants to stay.

The body cannot forgive the brain

For abandoning it

When the world became too scary.

And so, the two inhabit the same form.

But they are strangers.

Moving about the world

With no regard for the other.

The brain is a dictator

Demanding this life choice or another.

The body more or less remains silent

Stifled under pounds of excessive flesh

(another sin committed against it by the brain).

But every so often

It screams out.

And the brains has no choice but to capitulate.

Temporarily of course.

It’s a phase.

It will pass.

And the body will be silent once more.

When the body steers, the brain looks away.

It believes that refusing to see

Permits it to deny

The existence of these carnal choices.

And the purity of the brain

Remains intact once more.


Once in awhile

The two are forced to unite.

When they do

They smash against each other

With the awkwardness of sober first-time lovers

But with just a spark of magic

That signals greatness is possible

If they could only learn to work together.


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