A Testimony

This time last year, a single sentence was looping itself in and around my brain, consuming my joy. Everything I have done in this past decade of my life has been a complete waste of time. I had a law degree that I had no intention of using and despite the intentionality and energy I … More A Testimony

A Sober Hope

Like most of my siblings, I had asthma as a child. I spent many a day, evening, or early morning, inhaling albuterol through a machine or taking quick puffs from the handheld device. Then, when I was in middle school, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease and the breathing treatments and inhalers were replaced by … More A Sober Hope

Fumbling Forward

It’s almost 2018, which means that almost four years have passed since I confessed in all seriousness that I wanted to write a book. For years, in jest, I would talk about writing a book on the source of my interest or irritation at any given moment. The day of my college graduation, cracking under … More Fumbling Forward

Thirty for Thirty

So I’m thirty today! And I chose to round off a wonderful day with a list of 30 random quotes that I love and a bit of commentary about why I love them. Enjoy! “Whether it is memory of your own childhood or longing for your own future – just be attentive towards what rises … More Thirty for Thirty

Fear & Flight

There is a magical place in Guatemala called Lake Atitlan. I dream about it often. I close my eyes and recall every visit. I locked the sound of the water slapping against the dock in my heart and I pull it out when I need to summon the calm. When I moved down south, I … More Fear & Flight

The Friend Within

I enjoy comparing and contrasting individuals who have identified each other as enemies. I find that kind of analysis interesting because more often than not, the two people are cut from the same cloth. Their similarities outweigh their differences. Usually, the hostility turns on on this one point of contention that either or both parties … More The Friend Within